Hi, I am Erica Day


 Hi, I am Erica Day 


Putting the human touch into your business' financial goals.

At JEA, we prioritize exceptional customer support by fostering mutual respect and collaboration to achieve measurable success.

I’m a middle child, problem solver, and self-proclaimed numbers nerd. You’ll find me enjoying the small-town feel of my little neck of the woods in New Jersey. As a former professional photographer and long time business owner, I’ll likely have a camera on hand.

Also a mom to three girls and two sweet, but high maintenance, pups.

With a degree in Finance and almost two decades of entrepreneur expertise, I’ve found my calling providing advisory services to CEOs looking to scale and increase profits.


“If you take out the team in teamwork, it’s just work. Now who wants that?”

– Matthew Woodring Stover

Kim Fay

Director of Operations

With years of accounting expertise in various industries, Kim brings to the team not only her extensive knowledge, but enthusiasm for problem solving and excitement for client strategy.  Her work focuses on operational expertise within the organization and support for our 7 figure client accounts.

Marlena Becker

Accounting Assistant

Marlena combines her expertise as a business owner and background in the creative industry to provide top-notch support for our clients and the team internally.  While much of her work is internal to the organization, you may hear from Marlena on occasion as she supports many client accounts behind the scenes.

Jackie Fry

Accounting Assistant

Meet Jackie, our expert Accounting Assistant with years of fractional CFO experience. She is dedicated to providing weekly updates, managing client A/R and A/P services, and helping our CFO-level clients achieve their profit plan goals. Our valued CFO clients can always count on seeing Jackie in their Slack at least once a week!

Mikee Occeño

Executive Assistant

Meet Mikee - the glue that keeps the business together. With a knack for bringing different pieces of the puzzle together, she's always there to provide innovative ideas and ensure things get done. But that's not all. Mikee's infectious enthusiasm, kindness, and exceptional organizational skills make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Kashif Aleem

Director of Bookkeeping

Kashif is a highly experienced accountant with expertise in both the US and Ireland. His attention to detail and tireless efforts ensure that the team's five senior and junior bookkeepers receive excellent support and produce high-quality work.

Merrill Taylor & Eric Carrillo


Meet Merrill and Eric - the dynamic duo behind Taylor Tax Team, our top-choice CPA firm. Though not "officially" part of our company, they are the beating heart that keeps our business in tip-top tax shape. We consider them family and can't recommend them enough to our clients. With their unrivaled tax strategy abilities and our strong working relationship, Taylor Tax is the go-to tax firm for our clients.



We are honored to have your trust in managing your company's financial future. Our team is committed to providing open and honest solutions, always striving to meet the high standards we've set for ourselves.

We lead by example, talking openly and often about ways to operate our business with integrity.


In business, collaboration is key. Our team operates like a basketball team, collaborating back and forth as we approach the goal, not in a linear fashion or silo. We understand the important role we each play in achieving success for our clients and how this approach extends to our client relationships.


We believe in the power of fresh ideas. We embrace the challenge of finding unique approaches to every situation - internally and within our client work. We understand that one solution does not fit all, and welcome diverse perspectives. We encourage open-mindedness and constructive feedback to drive our vision and yours forward.


At the core of everything we do lies our belief in the power of humanity. We strive to provide exceptional services to our clients, knowing that it not only supports them and their families but also strengthens our own community and ability to provide for our families. While we have a special connection with Jordan's Relay as our chosen non-profit organization, we are dedicated to giving back through both our time and financial contributions to causes that have touched our lives.

Let's work together!

 Hi, I am Erica Day